“The Flow State is what takes life to the next level, for enjoyment and performance. It has been critical to reaching a string of excellent performances.” 
Rebecca Soni – 8 Olympic Medals, World Record Holder
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If you are curious about flow, self-development, improving performance then don’t waste another minute, sign up. 

This short course is ideal for those curious but not wanting to jump in with two feet and do the Flow Certificate just yet.

Learn why subjective experience is so important and how it shapes your life.

Learn to identify your optimal experiences that make you inspired and invigorated

Learn that your ultimate performance are no random mistake, but something you can control
In the Foundations of Flow, we will look in detail at the Flow experience, highlight decades of research, and ask you to start recognising how Flow has appeared in your life.

In this introductory course, we will give you an overview of the Pathway to Flow™ and you’ll emerge with important Flow skills to kick start your path to finding your optimal performances.

Learn an easy to use process to find Flow. 

Test your knowledge of Flow and and capture your growth in this course.

Learn how to anchor a previous Flow experience to generate a future Flow experience.
You will be able to connect and interact with people all over the world. You’ll learn from experts in various fields, TEDx speakers, World Champions, famous scientists and World Champion coaches.

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Foundations of Flow
If you are curious about flow, self-development, or improving your performance then don’t waste another minute, sign up.
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See what others have to say
“The relevant knowledge in matters of reaching optimal performance is outstanding. Anyone who has the pleasure of meeting and working with The Flow Centre will gain life-altering tools to help them thrive (not survive) as they reach new heights.” – Carolina Asenjo – International Marketing Manager, EIT. Event: Graduate Gala

“Learning about flow has been life-changing for me in all areas of life. It will give you a tried and tested system to use in any challenge. I wish I had started much earlier with this, because you can learn how to find flow.” - Lorraine Huber, World Champion Skier

“After attending the course, I managed to identify and control or isolate many things that block and interfere with my performance. Cameron and TFC was able to bring my understanding to a new level, where I am now able to navigate myself on my challenges.” - Steven Thain - Director

“I am extremely happy with what he has enabled me to achieved to create fresh goals and align my thinking across all aspects of my business. This has created clarity for me and allowed me to focus on what’s most important.” – William Forwood, Group CEO

“You have no idea how you have enhanced my life as well, I really appreciate your time and expertise and what you have taught me not only for my sport but more importantly for my life. The lessons I have taken from our discussions in which I use in the daily life are priceless.” Nathan Charles – Australian International Rugby Player

Flow has a multi-faceted effect on our lives, whether it be surfing a Pipeline or in our relationships. This ability to focus on the present moment, free from distraction, is paramount. It helps us make clearer decisions and ultimately improves the lives of others and ourselves…Cameron certainly is offering us an opportunity to wake up to our own states of Flow.” – Tom Carroll – three-time World Champion and voted one of the top 10 greatest surfers of all time.

 This training will effect your every future decision...
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Foundations of Flow of Flow
If you are curious about flow, self-development, or improving your performance then don’t waste another minute, sign up.
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Meet your facilitators
Cameron Norsworthy is a coach, author, speaker and entrepreneur. He has been a junior British tennis player, and awarded the Outstanding Academic Achievement Prize for reports surrounding flow and performance. Cameron has coached numerous World Champions, CEOs, and entrepreneurs.

Susan Jackson is an author, sport psychologist and mindfulness-meditation teacher. Sue is one of the most cited authors on Flow. Sue’s work in Flow has helped to make this optimal psychological state accessible to all levels of performers, from weekend warriors to Olympic Champions.

How it works?
The course is self-paced, online, and ready to go.

This course is mobile, tablet, and desktop friendly, using the latest e-learning technology available. 

The course is action-based learning, aimed to embed your learning. 
The community, course content, your notes, and communication with your coach, are all on the one platform for a streamline experience.

During this course you will be given a course facilitator to communicate with throughout the course. 

Join us. It will only take you a few minutes to enroll and cost you the same as a night out.
    It could change your life.  
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Is it worth the cost?

We have had organisations pay over $15,000 for this very training. Flow training has literally changed the lives of virtually all those that work within TFC and hundreds of others. Approaching life with a Flow Mindset can revolutionise how you do things, what you do, and the quality of living you get in return. We are not promising silver bullets or magic potions, you have to do the work, but the knowledge and skills involved in our flow courses outline a structure for you to apply into your career and life and drastically improve your experience and performance.

How long is the course?

The course can take as quick as several hours, although this is not recommended. There are a number of practical tasks which we encourage you to engage with and practice, therefore we recommend you take 20+ hours to complete the course.

Do I get a certificate?

No. This course is an introductory course to give you an overview and insight into whether you want to further your Flow training. Certificates are only given for our signature courses as they involve a comprehensive curriculum and in-depth training. See Flow Certificate.

Do I have access to the course after it is finished?

Absolutely. You will have access for a long time. So you’re free to revisit different portions and brush up on specific techniques or lessons as often as you like.

But that’s not all: you also have the option to stay tuned in to the community that do the course. Some of the best feedback addresses the community and conversations that happen between the community. Once the course is finished you will get access to all the future commentary and community chatter to engage and learn with.

Just like reading a book, sometimes we get more from the course the second time around. So, we encourage you to revisit the course months or even years down the line. You’ll get to connect with even more like-minded people on the same journey as you and strengthen your learning.

     Still want to learn more before signing up?     
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Foundations of Flow
If you are curious about flow, self-development, or improving your performance then don’t waste another minute, sign up.
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      We look forwards to seeing you on the course     
If not please visit The Flow Centre